There where 21 responses in total from 7 countries: 13 responses in English and 8 responses in BCS languages.

These questions where asked in both surveys:

  1. General Information about respondents / Generalne informacije o osobama koje su odgovorile na anketu
    1. From which country are you coming? / Iz koje ste države?
  2. Questions About the Prototype That We are Developing for the Dementia Patients / Pitanja o prototipu kojeg razvijamo za pacijente sa Demencijom
    1. What do you think of the idea in general? / Šta generalno mislite o ovoj ideji?
    2. What do you think is the most important feature to add to the prototype? / Po Vašem mišljenju, koje je najbitnije svojstvo koje smo trebali da dodamo u prototip?
  3. Generalno znanje o Demenciji, kao i lokalnim uslovima za dementne pacijente
    1. Can you briefly explain what do you know about Alzheimer’s Disease? / (equivalent question not asked in BCS languages)
    2. What do you know about the Alzheimer’s Disease? / Šta Vi znate o Alzheimerovoj bolesti?
    – I am an expert in the field.
    – I know some information.
    – I have only heard of it.
    – I do not know anything about it.

    3. Are you aware of the conditions for Dementia patients in your country? / Koliko ste upoznati sa uslovima za dementne pacijente u Vašoj državi?
    – I am working with patients suffering from Dementia
    – I am aware of the conditions here.
    – I am not sure.

    4. What do you think about the conditions of caring homes for people with Dementia in your country? / Po Vašem mišljenju, kakvi su uslovi u domovima za osobe sa Demencijom u Vašoj zemlji?
    – I think we have one of the best standards, the doctors and staff are doing a good job.
    – I think we can take care about the basic needs of Dementia patients here.
    – I don’t think we have good conditions regarding Dementia patients.
    – I don’t know.

We would like to, once again, thank to all of our respondents who have responded to our surveys!
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